Ben Giepmans.

Ben Giepmans is intrigued by how biomolecules act together to control cell fate in health and disease. He is a cell biologist and molecular biochemist/ microscopist. His PhD research at The Netherlands Cancer Institute (W.H. Moolenaar; 2001) and related work in The Scripps Research Institute (CA, USA; M.M. Falk) have led to a better molecular understanding of regulation of gap junctions.

Giepmans moved to the National Center of Microscopy and Imaging Research (University of California, San Diego; M.H. Ellisman & R.Y Tsien), where he implemented several new advanced imaging techniques and probes to study protein dynamics in live cells and protein localization at high resolution. These studies have given unexpected new insights in Golgi apparatus reformation during mitosis.

He started his own research group at the department of Cell Biology, UMCG in 2007 where he also leads the UMCG microscopy & imaging center. The team develops and/or implements new imaging techniques and probes for large-scale and correlated microscopy in multiple research projects. In particular, the Giepmans lab studies the role of cell-cell contact proteins in diseases. The focus is on Islets of Langerhans to help to understand trigger(s) and potential new therapies for Type 1 diabetes.