Ruixuan Gao.

Ruixuan Gao is a Postdoctoral Associate in Synthetic Neurobiology Group (PI: Ed Boyden) at MIT Media Lab and McGovern Institute for Brain Research. His research interest lies at the intersection of material science and biology with an emphasis on nanoscale imaging and sensing. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Harvard University in 2015.

Conventional fluorescence microscopy suffers from tradeoffs between resolution, imaging speed and photobleaching. In this presentation, I will focus on a new imaging strategy for scalable, nanoscopic interrogation of tissues as well as its implications for visualization and analysis of large microscopy datasets.

By combining expansion microscopy (ExM), a recently developed method for tissue expansion and clearing, and lattice light sheet microscopy (LLSM), an ultrafast, low-photobleaching microscope with exceptional optical sectioning, I show our imaging strategy is compatible with a wide range of biological samples and model systems, including the brain and pathological samples. Using the newly established imaging pipeline, our initial studies have revealed ultrastructure of organelles, synapses and neurites with unpresented speed, volume and resolution in the brain, and I will explore the meaning and applications of these findings in the context of neuroanatomy and functional omics. Finally, I will discuss strategies and challenges of handling, visualizing, and analyzing large datasets from our pipeline.